The Educational Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Secondary Level Classes

Secondary Level Virtual Schooling

Secondary Level Virtual Schooling:

We currently have ongoing online classes via the ZOOM application for virtual tutoring and daily posted content on our website ( The method of curriculum delivery, timetable, device-to-device tuition times (face-to-face online teaching), location of Zoom links; as well as access to posted content will be discussed when you speak with the Principal.

The cost is $3000 per term for Secondary Level Virtual Schooling/ Content/ Tuition etc. The subjects that are currently offered virtually at this level are Mathematics, English Language Arts, Integrated Science, Information Technology and Social-Studies. Spanish may be added at a cost of $500 per subject per term for students or switched to a non-compulsory subject from September 2023.

Please Note – ALL content is provided by the institute. There is no extra cost attached or hidden fees. The termly or monthly payment is all that’s required on or before the child’s entry into the 1st session, and at the same time termly or monthly. Payment packages are available. Feel free to discuss this with us if needed.

Registration, Compulsory Assessment & Virtual Schooling System:

Assessments are mandatory to gauge each child’s academic status so that they receive quality and individual attention during their virtual sessions given their academic history.

Please note – We also practice homeschooling. Therefore, some techniques and parts of the homeschooling curriculum are utilized along with the regional curriculum to ensure success at each level. Feel free to WhatsApp the PRINCIPAL at 314-1776 to commence the registration and assessment process. The banking information will also be provided for the payment during this time.

We look forward to assessing your child so that we can discuss our way forward towards academic success in a virtual setting.