The Educational Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Secondary Level Classes

C.S.E.C. Enrichment Program:

Costs vary at different levels and educational needs.

The subjects offered at the institute include:                                                Mathematics                                                                                                            English Language                                                                                            English Litriture                                                                                            Spanish                                                                                                                    Physics                                                                                                            Chemistry                                                                                                        Biology                                                                                                                Human and Social Biology                                                                              Integrated Science                                                                                            Geograph                                                                                                                Social – Studies                                                                                                    Additional Mathematics                                                                                    Principles of Accounts                                                                                            Principles of Business                                                                                            Office AdministrationInformation Technology (coming in Sep 2020)


Classes are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

The regular academic curriculum is based on any 5 subjects.

Students who are taking additional subjects will have an extended time till 5:30 PM at least 2 times per week or classes on Saturday.

Assessment and Remediation

Assessments are done on a one on one basis with the head tutor/s. Parental feed back is given in a face to face session after the assessment is scanned, completed and marked with comments. 

These assessments assists in the understanding of: where the child is academically; how mentally focused the child is and if critical thinking skills and memory skills need to be developed. From this point we can now tutor effectively starting with any foundational work that the child may have missed or did not grasp for some reason.

Thereafter, we move on to content or (syllabi) teaching directed to CSEC as the case may be WITH the utilization of past papers and the specifications for the given year. 


Packages will be ready on assessment/registration day. A director will walk you through the entire process and discuss the use of student/parent manual and the use of institute’s website. On the day of review, once the parent agrees with the contents of the documents (which can be discussed at any point) and the final document is signed the child is then given the booklist and measured for uniform by our tailor. 

Registration for our full-time school is open and ongoing. However, enrollment is done on an appointment basis. Feel free to contact us.