The Educational Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Primary Level Classes

S.E.A. Enrichment Program:

PRIMARY LEVEL Virtual Schooling:
The cost is $2700 per child per term for all content and tuition and $300 for the use of our library. Primary Level Virtual Schooling is from 9:30am to 2pm Monday to Thursday and weekly testing on Friday. The subjects offered in our Full-Time package are; Mathematics, English Language Arts, Creative Writing, Science, Social-Studies, Information Technology and Reading (all aspects of learning to read and write the English Language effectively). 
Please Note – ALL content and past papers are provided by the institute. There is no extra cost attached or hidden fees. The termly payment is all that’s required on or before the child’s entry into the 1st session and at the same time termly. Feel free to enquire about our payment plan if needed. 

Assessment and Remediation:

Assessments are done on a one-on-one basis with the head tutor/s. Parental feedback is given in a face-to-face session after the assessment is scanned, completed and marked with comments. 

These assessments assist in the understanding of where the child is academic; how mentally focused the child is and if critical thinking skills and memory skills need to be developed. From this point we can now tutor effectively starting with any foundational work that the child may have missed or did not grasp for some reason.

Thereafter, we move on to content or (syllabi) teaching directed to SEA as the case may be WITH the utilization of past papers and the specifications for the given year. 

The cost is $500 for registration and assessment. This is a one-time fee. Assessments are mandatory to gauge each child’s academic status so that they receive quality and individual attention during their virtual sessions given their academic history. 


Packages will be ready on assessment/registration day. A director will walk you through the entire process and discuss the use of student/parent manual and the use of institute’s website. On the day of review, once the parent agrees with the contents of the documents (which can be discussed at any point) and the final document is signed the child is then given the booklist and measured for uniform by our tailor. 

Registration for our full-time school is open and ongoing. However, enrollment is done on an appointment basis. Feel free to contact us.