The Educational Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Special Educational Needs Classes

The cost of Special Educational Needs Classes (if needed) are $60 per hr (the number of hours are determined by the assessment and feedback).


I will forward the dates for the assessments via Whatsapp once you are still interested and indicate such via Whatsapp.

What We Do:

The Educational Institute of Trinidad and Tobago is revolutionizing education to “the perfect fit” for the developing mind of every young learner who enter our door.
The accomplished team of professional lecturers at The Educational institute of Trinidad and Tobago has revamped the process of schooling via:
Exclusively Academic Organization.
 Victorian Classroom Structure.
 Differentiated Instruction.
 Individualized Tuition.
Advanced Preparation of a Homework Workbook
(only for full time students) alongside a Prompt
Delivery of ALL Syllabi.                                                                    
ONLY 12-15  Students per Classroom 

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#50 Second St, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago